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Package: Certificate IV in Business Sales + Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications

The Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications is a pre-requisite of studying the Diploma of Marketing and Communication. Combined with the Certificate IV in Business Sales, this DUAL qualification is designed for students with a true passion for entrepreneurship and sales & marketing. In today’s business environment, sales and marketing is a key component of any business. Throughout the course you will cover important aspects of both sales & marketing and entrepreneurship, including how to create a marketing plan, and how to manage a sales team. Throughout the 30-week delivery students will learn about promoting products and services, branding and communication theory as well as design principles to use when learning the basics of design software. If you are looking to establish a business, restructure an operational business, or you just have a passion for entrepreneurship/sales & marketing, this course is for you. With endless opportunities available to graduates of this course, entrepreneurship paves the way to greater opportunities.

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First Instalment 7,500.00 AUD
Total duration 9 MONTH(S)

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First Instalment 7,500.00 AUD
Total duration 9 MONTH(S)
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Total number of students: 200

Number of students - College: 12 - 16

Entrepreneurship is something that is exciting and is something new in the Educational Industry. At Entrepreneur Education, we encourage students to think outside the box and also their comfort zone by exploring their business ideas and make it happen. By having a practical approach to learning, students will have a huge advantage when they complete their course and pursue their passion. Entrepreneur Education also introduces students to industry by having guest speakers to the school. One of our regular guest speakers is the owner of the Bank of Queensland. Having this type of contact with industry is something that other schools can not offer and creates a world of confidence and experience for our students. Each term we hold a very special event called, "Entrepreneur Tank where we select the best business plans that our students create and select 3 students to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges with the winner winning $500 cash. Not only this can help the student with their business idea but also give the students real life experience pitching their idea to a group of people. This is practical learning and can not be taught via a text book.  Students on the Gold Coast, when they first arrive will have the chance to work in one of the most beautiful tourism hubs in the world. One of the main areas students find work is in the hospitality industry. This type of job is easily found throughout the year as the Gold Coast is a holiday destination for many around the world. 


  • real life training
  • 100% student focused
  • small classes
  • industry ready
  • students worldwide
  • practical courses
  • passionate staff
  • modern facilities
  • student support network
  • graduate celebrations
  • In our campus we provide students with laptops if student need them


  • free wi-fi
  • student admin
  • restaurants
  • gym
  • parking
  • bike racks
  • cash machine
  • student housing
  • supermarket
  • medical centre
  • dental centre
  • beach
  • free bottle water/soft drink in our student kitchen


  • chairs
  • modern desks

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